Small businesses can now see their energy savings potential with the new Small Business Energy Savings Program from Minnesota Energy Resources. This program is available to small business customers that use approximately 20,000 therms per year or less, are served by Minnesota Energy Resources under a commercial rate and do not qualify for the Multifamily Energy Savings Program.

Program benefits include:

  • A basic analysis of your natural gas use in order to evaluate energy-efficiency opportunities.
  • Direct installation of programmable thermostats, faucet aerators, and pre-rinse spray valves where appropriate to your business operations. If these items are needed, they will be provided and installed at no cost to you.
  • A walk through of your business to identify energy-efficiency improvement opportunities.
  • Follow up assistance on pursuing energy-efficiency opportunities.
  • Rebate incentives for gas energy-efficiency measures most common to small businesses.

Let our experts help your business. There is no cost, just the small investment of time. To get started, complete our online form or call us at 888-734-6365.

This program is scheduled to permanently end on November 30, 2016. Schedule your appointment soon to ensure scheduling availability.

Once you contact us, we will:

  • Contact you within two business days to schedule a site visit.
  • Attempt to schedule the visit within two weeks of contact.
  • Arrive with a Minnesota Energy Resources Gas Usage Benchmark Report which analyzes your business' current energy use data.
  • Review the Minnesota Energy Resources Gas Usage Benchmark Report with you and perform a walk-through analysis of your business.
  • Where appropriate, direct install of energy-saving equipment at no cost to you.
  • Review energy-saving opportunities and complete any applicable training.

The site visit will take approximately two to three hours.

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