The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a rule creating a mandatory national greenhouse gas reporting (GHG) program. Regulated natural gas utilities and some of their largest customers are required to report GHG emissions. The EPA website includes an online tool to help you decide if the rule applies to your company. There are also resources to help your company understand the rule.

Information About The Natural Gas Delivered By Minnesota Energy Resources

If your company is required to report, you may need information about natural gas purchased from Minnesota Energy Resources. The amount of natural gas consumed can be found on your Minnesota Energy Resources bill or in the Your Account section of the website. As a service to customers, we provide the heating value of your natural gas below*.

Higher Heating Value (HHV) - (MMBtu/Mscf)
Month 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Jan 1.007 1.015 1.022 1.030 1.045
Feb 1.010 1.015 1.024 1.025 1.044
Mar 1.006 1.013 1.024 1.036 1.048
Apr 1.006 1.015 1.025 1.040 1.058
May 1.014 1.025 1.027 1.048 1.059
Jun 1.007 1.030 1.031 1.016 1.063
Jul 1.009 1.022 1.027 1.048 1.052
Aug 1.010 1.023 1.028 1.056  
Sep 1.010 1.024 1.028 1.051  
Oct 1.009 1.023 1.033 1.046  
Nov 1.010 1.020 1.034 1.043  
Dec 1.010 1.023 1.026 1.047  

STP: Standard Temperature - 60°F, Standard Pressure - 14.7 psia
Measurement Standards: GPA-2172 and GPA-2145

* The data on this page represent an average heating value for the system and may differ from data that meets state or local regulatory requirements and is used for billing purposes. Accordingly, it is data provided solely for informational purposes, and not for billing purposes. Minnesota Energy Resources makes no claim or representation that the data provided is accurate and makes no warranties express or implied, including but not limited to fitness for a particular purpose, including EPA compliance. No party should rely on such data, including, but not limited to, for billing purposes.

If you need or want more than consumption and heating value information, an independent natural gas analysis service provider can help.

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