Pay By Credit Card, Debit Card or Checking Account

With Quick Payment, you can pay your Minnesota Energy Resources bill instantly. A service fee will be charged:

When you pay with Quick Payment, you will be charged a $3.95 service fee by the company that processes the transaction (Online Resources). The maximum payment you can make is $750 per transaction.

Make a Payment For a Fee

If you'd like to pay your bill online for FREE, enroll in e-Bill Paperless Billing & Payment.

Payment Posting Information

  • If you are making a payment to prevent or restore service disconnection, please call us at 800-889-9508 with the date, amount of the payment and the payment confirmation number.
  • Your payment will be processed by Online Resources, a leader in the field of electronic bill payments. Upon completion of your electronic payment transaction, you will receive a payment confirmation number. Retain this number for your records.
  • It will take up to 3 business days for your payment to be applied to your Minnesota Energy Resources account.

Mastercard, Discover and Visa Accepted

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