Please call us immediately if you think you may have a natural gas emergency.

  • Report A Gas Emergency Gas Emergencies - Get out of the building immediately.

Learn how to stay safe around and natural gas.

  • Emergency ProceduresEmergency Procedures
    Know what to do during a natural gas emergency.
  • Call Before You DigCall Before You Dig
    Always call before digging to avoid hitting buried utility lines.
  • Pipeline AwarenessPipeline Awareness
    Help prevent pipeline damage and keep our communities safe.
  • Carbon MonoxideCarbon Monoxide
    Know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, and what to do if you suspect CO in your building.
  • Sewer Line SafetySewer Line Safety
    Always call before you or anyone else attempts to clear a blocked sewer line.
  • Scam WarningScam Warning
    Please be aware of the following scam targeting customers of Minnesota Energy Resources.

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