Conserve and earn

Business: Rebates and programs


Boiler heating systems and components: New high-efficiency boiler systems, related components, pipe insulation and electronic programmable setback, Wi-Fi enabled and Advanced thermostats.
Boiler tuneup: Boiler tuneup completed by a professional heating service technician.
Custom: Energy-saving measures not covered by other rebates.
Food service equipment: New high-efficiency food service equipment.
Furnace heating systems and components: New high-efficiency forced-air heating systems, low-intensity infrared heating systems, condensing furnaces, Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV), High performance Roof Top Units (RTUs), and electronic programmable setback, Wi-Fi enabled and advanced thermostats.
Furnace tuneup: $35 for a professional service tuneup to your heating system.
Grain dryers: Efficiency upgrades.
Grocery and commercial laundry: Equipment upgrades.
Insulation: Increased attic, roof and wall insulation levels for businesses using natural gas heating.
Steam trap: Steam trap replacement or significant repair.
Water heating: New high-efficiency water heating systems and drain water heat recovery devices.

Energy-saving programs and certifications for your business

Building operator certification: Sponsored training for commercial building facility managers and staff.
C/I large energy user solutions: Resources to implement projects and realize savings.
Design assistance and modeling: Energy efficiency for new construction or major renovation of your commercial building project.
Energy-saving audits: Audits show how your business uses energy and compare it to similar businesses.
ENERGY STAR certification for commercial buildings: Benchmarking and incentive to help offset verification costs to obtain certification.
Multifamily energy savings: Efficiency designed to address needs of multifamily building owners.
RCx: Retrocommissioning (RCx) focuses on optimizing the efficiency of your current building systems.

Additional Resources

Additional incentives: Energy efficiency incentives and programs available through other utility, local, state and federal organizations. Check regularly for limited-time rebate bonuses.
Success stories: Examples of rebate projects completed by our customers.