Energy Design Assistance and Modeling Program

The Energy Design Assistance Modeling takes a whole-building approach to identifying and achieving energy savings in commercial and industrial new construction and/or major renovation projects. Working in conjunction with other partner electric utilities, a variety of efficiency scenarios are vetted through building modeling and bundled to provide a comparison of energy savings. The customer then chooses which customized bundle to incorporate into the design ensuring higher efficiency of their new commercial project. This program provides design assistance, modeling, financial incentives, and verification of proper installation of energy efficient design components.

How it works

Our experts will provide you with the following services:

  • A review of the building's plan (blueprints).
  • Energy modeling/rating.
  • Consultation on improvements that are required to meet performance that may assist in meeting standards for Sustainable Building 2030.
  • An on-site visit for construction evaluations with feedback and recommendations for improvements or corrections.
  • Assistance in determining incentives for implemented energy-efficiency improvements during the design phase of building.
  • Rebates will be available for projects that reach a minimum of five percent in natural gas savings as compared to the baseline model at a rate of $3.50 Dth.


Program requirements

  • New construction or major renovation must be served by Minnesota Energy Resources. Find a list of areas we serve.
  • Building must have a minimum of 5,000 conditioned sq. feet.
  • Qualifying building types may include any non-residential structures, multi-family structures of five or more dwelling units, or mixed-use structures with residential and commercial occupancies.
  • Special exceptions may be made for structures used for manufacturing or industrial processes.
  • Modeling must be performed by Minnesota Energy Resources or its’ subcontractors.

Electric utility partnerships

Minnesota Energy Resources has partnered with electric utility providers in various parts of our service territory to provide joint natural gas and electric energy modeling and design assistance services. In areas served by these partner electric utilities, new construction or major renovation customers are eligible to participate. The program is offered in partnership with the customer's electric utility, subject to availability.

More questions?

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