Landlords and property managers

Manage the energy service for your rental properties in one convenient location. When signed up for landlord reversion, you can:

  • View average bill and usage information for your rental units.
  • View and download property usage history reports.
  • Modify your reversion and notification preferences.

Manage your properties

If you sell your rental property, you can remove an owner agreement so you are no longer listed as the owner of a property.

New landlords or property managers

  1. Notify us that you are the owner of a property by completing an owner agreement.
  2. Make sure you select "Landlord reversion" on your owner agreement request. Landlord reversion allows for energy service to be reverted to your name while a unit is vacant between tenants and gives you access to manage your properties online. If you select "seasonal reversion" or "no reversion", you will be notified when there is a tenant change, but you will not have access to manage your properties online.

An e-mail notification will be sent when your request has been processed; typically within two business days.