Grocery and commercial laundry rebates

Adding new doors to existing open multideck freezer or cooler cases can save on energy costs while making your retail space even more comfortable.

Commercial laundries can save on drying costs by retrofitting existing gas clothes dryers with modulating burner controls.

Rebate offer

Commercial equipment Minimum efficiency Rebate per unit
Commercial grocery    
Add doors to open multideck case, cooler Where no door exists $42 per door
Add doors to open multideck case, freezer Where no door exists $42 per door
Commercial laundry    
Natural gas clothes dryer modulating burner retrofit Must replace existing equipment $175 per unit


Space heating in building must be fueled by natural gas to qualify for commercial grocery rebates. Existing cases must be open (no doors), multideck style. Doors must be new. Island, floral and specialty cases do not qualify.

For commercial laundry, modulating burner retrofit must use at least a two-stage modulating gas valve control kit.

How it works

  • Purchase and install qualifying commercial grocery or laundry equipment.
  • Submit application along with a dated invoice copy.
  • Receive your rebate check within six weeks of completed application.



Check all rebate requirements on application prior to service to ensure eligibility. We must receive application within 60 days of service.

Funding is limited and can change or end at any time. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Check with your electric energy provider for additional incentives for adding doors to open multideck cooler and freezer cases.

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