Boiler heating systems and components rebates

Installing energy-efficient technology is a smart way to lower your energy bills. Qualifying high-efficiency boiler heating systems and components installed in new construction, additions or replacement and retrofit projects are eligible for rebates, unless noted.

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Equipment Rebate Max rebate
Hot water boiler system
85% to 89.9% efficiency (AFUE or thermal efficiency) $1,200 per 1,000,000
Btu/hr input
No maximum
90% efficiency or higher (AFUE or thermal efficiency) $2,500 per 1,000,000
Btu/hr input
No maximum
Steam boiler system
83% efficiency or higher
(AFUE or thermal efficiency)
$750 per 1,000,000
Btu/hr input
No maximum
Heating system components
Continuous modulating burners (retrofit or upgrade only) 25% of equipment cost
$15,000 per burner
O2 trim control 25% of cost
Linkageless control 25% of cost
Vent dampers 50% of equipment cost
$500 per boiler
Boiler outdoor air reset control (retrofit or upgrade only) 100% of equipment cost $150 per control system
Boiler cut-out control 100% of equipment cost $150 per control system
Electronic programmable setback thermostat for existing buildings 50% of cost $25
Wi-Fi enabled thermostats 50% of cost $50 per unit
Advanced thermostat based on occupancy
List of current eligible models.
50% of cost
$100 per unit*
Pipe wrap (R-3 or higher) for boiler heating systems $2.50 per foot, minimum of 10 ft No maximum

AFUE: Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency


  • Modulating burner and outdoor air reset control rebates are not available for new condensing boilers.
  • Boilers are eligible for tuneups every two years.
  • New construction is not eligible for electronic programmable setback thermostat rebate.
  • Thermostat must control natural gas-fueled heating systems. Advanced thermostat must feature integrated occupancy-sensing capabilities (such as motion sensors or geofencing) without additional devices. Advanced thermostat must learn occupancy and automatically improve programming schedule using advanced analytics. To qualify for the advanced thermostat rebate, complete model number must be provided.
  • Pipe wrap must be a minimum of R-3 or higher, and a minimum of 10 linear feet of pipe wrap must be installed to qualify for a rebate.

How it works

  • Purchase and install qualifying heating system equipment in your home.
  • Submit an application along with a copy of a dated invoice.
  • Receive your rebate check within six weeks of a completed application request.



Check all rebate requirements on application prior to service to ensure eligibility. We must receive application within 60 days of service.

Funding is limited and can change or end at any time. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

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