C/I Large Energy User Solutions

Large commercial and industrial customers face unique barriers, including uncertain fuel pricing, capital spending freezes and more stringent corporate rate of return requirements. Minnesota Energy Resources has designed an approach to help large commercial and industrial customers overcome these challenges. Qualifying customers who participate may be able to reduce monthly energy costs and shorten the payback period of new high-efficiency equipment and processes.

Customers using 100,000 therms or more of natural gas annually can receive these services at no charge:

  • Introductory meeting with our representatives to understand program offerings and benefits.
  • Mid-level engineering study completed by industry energy experts to identify quality energy-efficiency opportunities, including complete review of existing energy project proposals and suggested implementation strategies.
  • Assistance with energy plan creation, project prioritization, execution and access to applicable financial tools including local, state and federal resources.
  • Technical assistance throughout project implementation and post-study follow-up.


Rebate is based on combination of energy reduction and project implementation cost. Rebate is awarded based on lesser of:

  • Project buy down to one-year simple payback, or
  • $1 per therm saved during the first year, or
  • Full incremental cost


Pre-approvals are required to participate in this program. You must provide project specific information, such as equipment type, size, efficiency and cost. The program administrator may contact you for further information.

How it works

Contact our local external relations manager for participation information.


Check all rebate requirements on application prior to service to ensure eligibility. We must receive application within 60 days of service.

Funding is limited and can change or end at any time. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.


If you need help determining how or if your natural gas project can qualify, contact us.
866-872-0052, option 2