Furnace tune-up rebate

Just like cars, heating systems that are regularly maintained will run more efficiently and last longer. The furnace tune-up rebate helps you make sure that your gas furnace is operating at maximum efficiency and can help you avoid expensive repairs.

Minnesota Energy Resources offers a $35 rebate when a professional heating service technician performs a gas furnace tune-up that includes the following seven services:

  • Perform carbon monoxide test and correct any safety issues.
  • Check flame characteristics, and adjust gas and/or air, if needed.
  • Check flue gas path from burner to vent for cleanliness and cracks. Clean and report as necessary.
  • Check the pilot/igniter for proper operation. Also check the flame sensor/pilot light shut down controls for proper operation.
  • Check the condition of the furnace air filter. Replace if necessary.
  • Check condition of fan motor(s). Lubricate bearings as needed.
  • Check the operational controls and adjust, if necessary.

After the qualifying system is tuned-up, work with your contractor to complete and submit the commercial furnace tune-up rebate application.

Rebate requirements:

  • This program is for existing buildings.
  • New construction (built within the last two years) is not eligible.
  • Customers are eligible for a tune-up rebate every two years.
  • Work must be completed by a licensed HVAC dealer.
  • "Do it yourself" work is not eligible.
  • Customers who have a service agreement with an HVAC dealer are eligible provided that a copy of the service contract is submitted with the rebate application.
  • Rebate cannot exceed the cost of the tune-up.

To avoid delays, be sure that the application is filled out completely and the dealer invoice is attached.

Funding is limited and can change or end at any time. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The program application must be received within 60 days of tune-up.

For additional questions, please call us at 866-872-0052, option 2. Or email us at merc@appliedenergygroup.com.