By improving the air sealing and insulation in your home you can save on your heating and cooling costs all year long. The rebates provided by Minnesota Energy Resources help customers with natural gas heating improve the sealing and insulation in an existing home. New homes, defined as built in the last 2 years, are not eligible for this program. Homes that participated in the Home Energy Excellence program may not participate in this program.

Please Note:

All air sealing and insulation work must be completed by one of our Authorized Insulation Contractors in order to qualify for a rebate from Minnesota Energy Resources. Our Authorized Insulation Contractor Program ensures that you are using a qualified and reputable company. All rebates are issued as a check directly from Minnesota Energy Resources.

Any contractor who claims that they are including a rebate in their reduced cost or is offering a discount if you sign up today because 'they are in the neighborhood' is not doing so through Minnesota Energy Resources.

Minnesota Energy Resources removes contractors from this list based on an ongoing quality control program. If a contractor was but no longer is on the list, any work done by that contractor will not be eligible for a rebate. Please check this list prior to selecting a contractor to do the work.

Measure Minimum Efficiency Rebate
Air Sealing Only 25% Reduction** $300*
Air Sealing & Attic Insulation R49 and 25% Reduction** $650*
Sidewall Insulation R13 (Where no insulation previously existed) $425*
Foundation Insulation/Rim Joist R10 (Where no insulation previously existed)
Rim Joist must be foam insulation.
Rim Joist Insulation Only R10 (Where no insulation previously existed)
Rim Joist must be foam insulation.
Floor above unconditioned space R30 (Where no insulation previously existed) $200*

* Rebate amount is 50% of total improvement cost, up to maximum rebate amount listed above.

** 25% is target reduction; contractors will need to explain if they are unable to reach that goal.

Please reference all of the rebate requirements prior to installation in order to insure eligibility. All jobs require BPI certified installers who are participating in our Authorized Insulation Contractor program.

We recommend that you work with an energy auditor to determine the best air sealing and insulation for your home. After the air sealing or insulation is installed, complete and submit the Air Sealing and Insulation Rebate Application. View our instructional video to learn how to save with Air Sealing & Insulation.

Funding is limited and can change or end at any time. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The program application must be received within 60 days of installation.

For additional questions on this program, please call us at 866-872-0052.

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