Minnesota Energy Resources is offering all current residential customers FREE Water Conservation Kits. The kits include low-flow showerheads, along with kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators. These items are easy to install so you can begin saving on your home's water heating costs right away.

Register to receive your FREE Water Conservation Kit. Or, call us at 1-877-831-6050 Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm to order your kit. Orders for kits will be shipped to you from Niagara Conservation.

There Are Two Types Of Kits Available:

Available Kits Number of
Low-Flow Showerheads
Number of Kitchen
Faucet Aerators
Number of Bathroom
Faucet Aerators
Kit A 2 1 2
Kit B 1 1 1

Once you have completed the online application we will verify your qualifications. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Must have a natural gas water heater to qualify.
  • Must be a Minnesota Energy Resources residential customer with an existing account.
  • Not available for new construction.
  • Maximum order per household: 1 each of Kit A or 2 each of Kit B.

Saving Comparison Table

Item Installed Average Annual Energy Savings* Average Annual Water Savings*
Low-Flow Showerhead 20 Therms Per Year
10% Savings
7,300 Gallons Per Year
40% Savings
Kitchen Faucet Aerator 8 Therms Per Year
4% Savings
15,600 Gallons Per Year
50% Savings
Bathroom Faucet Aerator 5 Therms Per Year
2.5% Savings
3,900 Gallons Per Year
75% Savings

* Water savings derived from average savings projections provided by U.S. Department of Energy.