Meter upgrade project

Minnesota Energy Resources and our contractors are working to complete a customer meter upgrade project.

You may have received a phone call or a door hanger indicating that your natural gas meter work will occur in the next few days. If you have questions about the work, we’re here to help with answers:

Why is my meter being worked on?

This work allows us to read your meter in the most efficient way possible and in alignment with industry standards.

What are the benefits of this meter work?

This meter work reduces the need for technicians to come on site to read your natural gas meter, resulting in fewer estimated bills and greater insight into your natural gas usage. The work also allows us to better read your natural gas meter during inclement weather conditions, especially snow.

Do I have to schedule an appointment to have this work completed?

If the natural gas meter is outside and easily accessible, you do not have to schedule an appointment or even be home for this work to be completed.

If we attempt to complete work at your property and are unable to access your meter, we leave a door hanger indicating next steps.

Do I have to pay for my meter work?

No. You pay nothing for this work.

Who will be conducting the meter work?

We have contracted with Itron and their subcontractor, Utility Resources Group (URG), to perform this meter work alongside our technicians.

How will I verify the identity of the person coming to my home to conduct my meter work?

All field technicians will have company badges to identify themselves.

If you have questions about the technician performing your work, call our 24-hour customer service at 800-889-9508.

How long will my meter work take to complete?

The work should take about 10 to 20 minutes per meter.

Will I lose natural gas service?

No. In most cases, there is no interruption to your natural gas service during the meter work.

Should I turn off any natural gas-related appliances?

No. Your meter work will not affect any of your natural gas appliances.

Can I opt out of this meter work?

No. This meter work is required to maintain natural gas service with us.

If you have additional questions, call our 24-hour customer service at 800-889-9508.