Our values

At Minnesota Energy Resources, each of us is called upon every day to model the values that guide our business.

We're committed to keeping employees and the public safe. We target zero incidents, accidents, and injuries every day. We promote employee health and wellness.
We're committed to conducting business with the highest level of integrity. We're responsible for appropriate governance and management systems to help plan and ethically manage our corporate initiatives.
We work every day to maintain our status as one of the nation's most reliable energy companies.
We believe in a culture of inclusion. Valuing individual employees and welcoming a range of viewpoints result in better decision-making and a stronger company.
By valuing human diversity and treating each other with respect, we maximize individual contributions, organizational effectiveness, and company success.
Customer focus
Through clear communication and flawless execution, our goal is to satisfy every customer in every transaction — every time.
Sense of urgency
We act with a true sense of urgency.
Financial discipline
Every employee is responsible for effectively managing costs. Financial discipline, even in small matters, helps us meet the expectations of our customers and shareholders.
Personal responsibility for results
We hold ourselves and each other accountable for living our values and carrying out our responsibilities. Managers and leaders in our company model and support the behaviors that are critical to company success.