excavator truck digging with back hoe on construction site

Marking our facilities

employee placing facility flag markers on to lawn along with spray paint marking We mark our facilities with paint, flags or stakes. Facilities greater than 2 inches in diameter are labeled as such. Remember to adjust your tolerance zone to accommodate the increased size of the facility. When we can’t place markers directly over buried facilities, arrows and numbers on a stake or on the ground mark the distance and direction to the buried facilities.

Yellow = natural gas
Clear = no buried facilities

If none of our facilities are present, you should find a clear flag(s) with a ticket number on it. If you do not see marks or a clear flag, call 811 for a relocate.

employee placing facility natural gas markersCall 811 for a relocate when you see:

Yellowmarker posts: Posts indicate natural gas facilities are in the area but are not placed on the exact location. Never rely on posts for excavating purposes.

If you have questions about marks or locates, contact our locators directly. The locating company name and phone number are on the solid-color flags.