Minnesota Energy Resources customer privacy notice

Minnesota Energy Resources is concerned about preventing unauthorized disclosure of customer information. Minnesota Energy Resources understands the importance you place on the privacy and security of information that personally identifies you or your account information. Minnesota Energy Resources wants you to know what personal information we collect and how we use it, and provide this Customer Privacy Notice to do so. Any questions can be answered at the contact information provided below.

Information Collected

Minnesota Energy Resources collects certain customer information and Personally Identifiable Information ("PII") (collectively referred to in this Notice as "Customer-related Data"). Minnesota Energy Resources collects only the customer data that is needed to perform its regulated utility business functions. Minnesota Energy Resources may collect the following information about customers through various sources (i.e., direct communication with the customer; utility meter; websites or other technology; parents, affiliates, or subsidiaries; and service providers or third parties):

  • Customer contact information;
  • Customer service addresses and dates of service;
  • Unique electronic identification numbers, addresses, or routing codes;
  • Demographic data (i.e., date of birth, home ownership status, and household income);
  • Details about a customer's home (i.e., dwelling age, size, and type);
  • Utility account number;
  • Customer account history (i.e., disconnections, reconnections, payment arrangements, and late payments);
  • Customer payment history and details;
  • Customer account notes;
  • Customer usage data (i.e., any information which shows the customer's individual account number, home address, and actual energy use for any defined period of time);
  • Official government issued driver's license or identification number;
  • Alien registration number;
  • Government passport number;
  • Employer or taxpayer identification number; and
  • Social Security number:
    • In Minnesota, a customer is not required to provide a Social Security number to Minnesota Energy Resources in order to receive service. If a customer chooses not to provide a Social Security number, Minnesota Energy Resources will not deny service and that customer will be assigned an alternative identification number.
    • Upon request, Minnesota Energy Resources will delete a Social Security number already on file.

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Purposes of Collection

Minnesota Energy Resources collects and maintains only the customer information it needs for its regulated utility business functions. The purposes of collection include:

  • Establishing a customer account;
  • Communicating with customers;
  • Providing customer support;
  • Providing, billing for, and collecting on Company services;
  • Communicating information to credit reporting agencies;
  • Facilitating alternative billing measures like estimated billing, budget billing, payment to avoid disconnection, and deposit to guarantee payment for service;
  • Connecting, reconnecting, and disconnecting service;
  • In execution of the provisions of Minnesota's Cold Weather Rule, Gas Affordability Program, and the Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Program;
  • Dispatching Minnesota Energy Resources employees to provide customer support;
  • Administering participation in programs, surveys, and other offers and promotions;
  • Facilitating participation in conservation programs such as the Conservation Improvement Program ("CIP") and energy efficiency programs;
  • Protecting against and preventing fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims, and other liabilities, including past due accounts; and
  • Complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements (i.e., subpoena).

Minnesota Energy Resources only uses customer information for the purposes for which it was collected, except that under some circumstances, with customer consent, the customer information may be shared for purposes other than which it was collected. If such sharing were to occur, Minnesota Energy Resources would obtain specific consent from you, and you would be free to revoke that consent at any time.

On occasion, Minnesota Energy Resources usage data may be requested to create aggregated or anonymize the requested energy usage data information to report to government entities or others. We will aggregate or anonymize the requested data to a level that protects customers, anonymity and is in compliance with open data access standards. This ensures the protection of privacy and prevents re-identification of our customers.

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ServiceChoice (Appliance Repair)

In addition to the above purposes of collection, Minnesota Energy Resources collects customer data in order to administer its ServiceChoice program. ServiceChoice is a program offered by Minnesota Energy Resources providing appliance and home comfort system repairs. ServiceChoice is administered by Minnesota Energy Resources, and customer information is not shared with a third party outside of Minnesota Energy Resources in the offering of the program.

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Protection of Customer Data

Minnesota Energy Resources takes significant steps to protect our customers' information. Minnesota Energy Resources limits access to customer information to employees that need it for an identified business purpose. Minnesota Energy Resources maintains physical, electronic, and procedural protections of customer information consistent with industry standards and applicable laws.

In the event of an unauthorized use or release of customer information, Minnesota Energy Resources will promptly notify any affected customers. The notice will contain a description of the breach, including the date or period of breach, types of data accessed, whether the source or cause of the breach has been identified and provided to law enforcement, steps taken to prevent similar breaches, and steps to redress the breach.

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Sharing Customer Information

Minnesota Energy Resources shares customer information within Minnesota Energy Resources, its affiliates, and parent company, pursuant to the above-stated regulated utility business functions. Minnesota Energy Resources does not sell your customer information.

Minnesota Energy Resources has specific procedures for disclosure of customer information to third parties, such as contractors, for the regulated utility business functions listed above. Prior to providing such information, Minnesota Energy Resources ensures that any third parties obtaining access to customer information provide equivalent or greater protection for the customer data than Minnesota Energy Resources. Other than as set forth above under the regulated utility business functions, Minnesota Energy Resources will not disclose customer information to third parties without written customer consent, which can be revoked by a customer if they so choose.

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Connecting With Us

You may reach out to Minnesota Energy Resources at any time with questions or concerns regarding your information or our protection of your information. You may also contact us to correct or delete information that you feel may have been incorrectly or improperly recorded, collected, or retained by Minnesota Energy Resources. You can contact us at the below phone numbers and website.

For additional information regarding Minnesota Energy Resources' privacy policies, to inquire regarding Minnesota Energy Resources' privacy policies, to make a complaint regarding privacy-related matters, or to correct your personal information visit our privacy policies.

If you have a dispute, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission is available for mediation upon request.

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