Value of natural gas

Natural gas is a smart energy choice. It offers many advantages over other fuels.

  • Economical - Natural gas is a great value in today's changing energy market. With natural gas, it's possible to save up to 25 to 40% over propane or fuel oil. Because natural gas appliances are so efficient, you'll save on overall energy costs too.
  • Convenient - Natural gas is delivered to your business through pipes in the ground. You never have to worry about running low on fuel or maintaining storage tanks.
  • Safe - Natural gas does not have a color, taste or odor. It is non-toxic. A special odorant is added to help you identify gas leaks. Natural gas is lighter than air. It vents easier than propane if a leak occurs.
  • Abundant - There is an estimated 100-year supply of natural gas in the United States. Nearly 95% of our nation's natural gas comes from North America.
  • Efficient - Natural gas heating systems and appliances use less energy and save you money.
    • Gas water heaters can produce twice as much hot water as electric, at 30% less cost.
    • Gas stoves offer the fastest, most precise cooking temperature.
    • Gas dryers dry items faster, so they use less energy.
  • Clean - Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel compared to other fossil fuels. Choosing gas is better for the environment, because it helps avoid an increase in pollutants.