Community Energy Services

We partner with your local electric energy company the Center for Energy and Environment to offer a full-service residential energy audit program for areas outside of Rochester.

Community Energy Services program includes:

  • Free energy workshop. Attendance to our free Saving Energy 101 workshop is mandatory to participate in the program — and a great opportunity to learn new no- or low-cost strategies to stop energy waste, all while visiting with your neighbors. Free child care is provided. Workshop attendees who sign up for an energy audit receive a complimentary energy-saving light bulbs and gaskets.
  • Home visit and materials. The workshop gives you the opportunity to sign up for a home visit to have a skilled energy professional visit your home for an hour and a half to run diagnostic tests such as a blower door test for air leaks, install energy-saving materials and find your home’s best opportunities for saving energy and reducing your energy bills.
  • Help with next steps. If the energy auditor finds an opportunity for significant savings through installing additional insulation, attic air sealing or replacing old heating equipment, we can make the next steps easy by connecting you with qualified contractors, financing, incentives and rebates.

How it works

When all rebate-qualifying work is done, complete and return the Community Energy Services rebate application.


Home visit, materials and recommendations are included in one-time $50 fee.

Materials provided may include:

  • High-efficiency showerhead
  • High-efficiency faucet aerators
  • LED light bulbs
  • Gasket seals
  • Safety caps
  • Pipe insulation

866-872-0052, option 1