ENERGY STAR® windows

Upgrading to ENERGY STAR certified windows can save heating and cooling costs all year. Old and inefficient windows can be a huge source of heat loss in your home. If you have natural gas heating in a new or existing home, our rebates can help you improve the comfort of your home and help save money on your heating bill.


Measure Requirements
Minimum Efficiency
Existing and New homes Rebate Affordable Housing Rebate*
Window replacement ENERGY STAR V7
and minimum of 6 sq. ft
$50 $75
U-Factor SHGC Qualification
≤ 0.22 ≥ 0.17 ENERGY STAR
Northern Climate Zone
0.23 ≥ 0.35 Equivalent Energy Rating
0.25 ≥ 0.40

*To be eligible for Affordable housing rebates, the developer, non-profit, or property manager must demonstrate that the housing will be serving low-income residents. Please see Step 2: Household information.


  • Home must be heated with natural gas to qualify.
  • Self-installed window replacement work does not qualify.
  • The window replacement must be ENERGY STAR certified with a minimum of 6 square feet.
  • The U-factor must be 0.22 or less for windows or be rated equivalent to ENERGY STAR Northern Climate Zone.
  • Proof of U-factor rating for each window must be included. All National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) stickers OR a packing slips with U-factors and details for each window.
  • U-factor measures how well a product can keep hot or cold air inside of a room. A lower U-factor means higher efficiency and greater potential for energy savings. For more information, visit
  • Windows must be installed within a conditioned living space at the time of installation. Garages, unconditioned basements, and similar areas are not eligible for window rebates.

How it works

  • Purchase and professionally install a qualifying window(s) in your home.
  • Apply and submit a rebate application online or download and mail a paper copy along with a copy of a dated invoice.
  • Receive a rebate check within six weeks of a completed application.


Check all rebate requirements on the application to ensure eligibility.

We must receive your application within 60 days of installation.

Have an electronic copy of your original receipt or invoice that includes model and proof of purchase.

Funding is limited and can change or end at any time. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.


866-872-0052, option 1

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