In-home energy-saving audits

For a limited time only, receive an additional $75 when you have an in-home energy audit and install recommended insulation upgrades.

Whole-house approach to energy efficiency

We can help solve comfort problems or reduce your energy bills. When you sign up for an in-home energy-saving audit, an energy auditor makes an in-home visit and provides energy-efficiency suggestions to improve the comfort, durability, safety and affordability of your home. The energy auditor will:

  • Analyze your home through a comprehensive “house as a system” energy-efficiency audit.
  • Answer your specific questions about energy use in your home.
  • Review your natural gas bill to understand how much energy your home uses. In some instances, as a result of electric utility partnerships, electric energy use also is evaluated.
  • Provide recommendations and cost saving analysis, prioritized to show you where you’ll get the most savings for your investment.

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How to receive your bonus rebate:

  1. Signup and complete a standard home energy audit.
  2. Select and Authorized Insulation Contractor and have them install recommended insulation measures.
  3. Complete and submit your rebate application form and a $75 bonus will automatically be added to your insulation rebate.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Customers must have received an energy audit on or after Jan. 1, 2024.
  • Insulation work must be completed and application submitted and postmarked by Dec. 1, 2024.
  • Maximum bonus rebate is $75.

How the program works

Audit options

Standard audit

  • Analyze your energy use.
  • Give you information on energy-saving improvements with potential costs and estimated savings.
  • Provide a blower door diagnostic test.
  • Perform furnace, boiler and water heater safety tests.
  • Installed improvements we provide. This may include energy efficiency showerheads, faucet aerators, pipe insulation, door sweeps and other weatherization items. This service is valued at $300; however, you only pay $75. Minnesota Energy Resources and, in some cases, the electric utility partner pays the remainder. This co-pay will be added to your natural gas bill. Low-income customers may participate in this program at no cost.

Performance audit

In addition to all of the services provided in the standard audit, the performance audit will also include:
  • Infrared camera inspection to further pinpoint locations of heat losses and air leaks.
  • Report via email with infrared camera pictures.
  • Co-pay of $150 added to your natural gas bill.

Electric utility partnerships

We are partners with electric energy providers in various parts of our service area to provide joint natural gas and electric in-home energy audits. In areas served by these electric utilities, customers will receive a comprehensive gas and electric audit.

  • Dakota Electric Association
  • Freeborn Mower Cooperative Services
  • Mountain Lake City
  • Otter Tail Power Company
  • People's Energy Cooperative
  • Rochester Public Utilities

We also have a partnership with Rochester Public Utilities. Joint customers of Minnesota Energy Resources and Rochester Public Utilities can learn more about the Neighborhood Energy Challenge.

What specifically does each audit provide?

Description Standard
$75 Co‑pay
$150 Co‑pay
Discuss customer concerns and initial questions in an interview Yes Yes
Review annual gas usage regarding heating, domestic hot water (DHW) and other uses of natural gas in your home Yes Yes
Measure DHW temperature and adjust as necessary Yes Yes
Check furnace filter and provide a reminder card with your filter size on it Yes Yes
Assess heating system, water heater, and other gas appliance replacement and clean-n-tune options and needs Yes Yes
Inspect the thermal envelope of your home, diagnose and provide recommendations for improvements to attics, sidewalls, windows/doors, etc. Yes Yes
Deliver a written report including all appropriate documentation Yes Yes
Provide fact sheets, rebate applications, financing options, 800#s and websites, tax credit information, etc. Yes Yes
Perform a blower door diagnostics test to identify air leaks Yes Yes
Perform furnace, boiler and water heater safety tests Yes Yes
Perform an infrared scan to identify areas of heat loss through walls and attics. This test is weather dependent and is only available in the winter months.   Yes
Provide an infrared diagnostic report with pictures and recommendations emailed to you   Yes

Which audit is best for you?

For some homes, our standard audit is sufficient. For others, there can be significant benefit in having a performance audit completed. If you have already had a standard audit and are still having energy efficiency or comfort issues in your home, a performance audit could be what you need. Or, if you notice two or more of the following in or around your home, our performance audit may be for you.

  • Ice dams on the roof
  • Moisture or frost in the attic
  • Mold or moisture spots on interior walls
  • Condensation on your windows
  • Stains around ceiling exhaust fan(s)
  • Cold spots in areas of the house
  • Inadequate or older insulation