Air sealing and insulation rebates

Improvements to home air sealing and insulation can save heating and cooling costs all year. Such improvements can be the most effective way to save energy in your home. If you have natural gas heating in an existing home, our rebates can help you improve air sealing and insulation.

Learn how to save with air sealing and insulation.
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Improvement Minimum efficiency Rebate
Pre-installation Post-installation
Sidewall insulation Where no insulation previously existed R-13 minimum $750*
Foundation/rim joist insulation
(Rim joist must be spray foam)
Where no insulation previously existed R-14 minimum foundation R-20 minimum rim joist $425*
Rim joist insulation**
(Must be spray foam)
Where no insulation previously existed (remove old batt insulation) R-20 minimum
≥ 50 linear feet
Floor above unconditioned space and cantilevers Where no insulation previously existed R-30 minimum or as much as space allows
≥ 100 square feet
Air sealing only   Must exceed 25% reduction $300*
Air sealing and attic insulation Where less than R-30 existed 25% reduction;
R-49 minimum

* Rebate amount is 50% of total improvement cost, up to maximum rebate amount listed above. For affordable housing rebates only: No 50% cap for improvement cost.

** Rim joist insulation cannot be installed as a standalone measure and must be completed in conjunction with another improvement.

Program requirements

All air sealing and insulation work must be completed by one of our authorized insulation contractors to qualify for our rebate. Our Authorized Insulation Contractor program ensures that you are using a qualified and reputable company. New homes, defined as built in the past two years, are not eligible. Homes that participated in the Home Energy Excellence program may not participate in this program. All improvements require a pre- and post- blower door test.

How it works

  • Have an Authorized Insulation Contractor install qualifying air sealing and insulation in your home.
  • Affordable housing applicants must follow all air sealing and insulation requirements. To be eligible for these rebates, the developer or property manager must demonstrate the housing will be serving low income.
  • Submit an application form along with a copy of a dated invoice.
  • Receive your rebate check within six weeks of a completed application request.



Check all rebate requirements prior to installation to ensure eligibility. To apply for a rebate, download and fill out the air sealing and insulation rebate application.

Funding is limited and can change or end at any time. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

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