Authorized insulation contractors

Please note: All air sealing and insulation work MUST be completed by one of our authorized insulation contractors in order to qualify for a rebate from Minnesota Energy Resources. Our Authorized Insulation Contractor program ensures that you are using a qualified and reputable company.

All rebates are issued as a check directly from Minnesota Energy Resources. Any contractor who claims that they are including a rebate in their reduced cost or is offering a discount if you sign up today because 'they are in the neighborhood' is not doing so through Minnesota Energy Resources.

Minnesota Energy Resources removes contractors from this list based on an ongoing quality control program. If a contractor is removed from the list, any work done by that contractor will not be eligible for a rebate. Please check this list prior to selecting a contractor to do the work.

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List current as of: July 24, 2024

ContractorPhone NumberEmail AddressWebsite
Cannon Insulation
Century Insulation,
Energy Savers Insulation, Inc. (Minneapolis)
Entire Exteriors,
Evergreen Foam
Expert Insulation of
Four Way Insulation
Franek Construction
Grove Roofing Siding and
Gunner Insulation Company,
Home Improvement
Home Seal
Houle Insulation,
Installed Building
Lifetime Insulation
MGT Remodeling and
North Country
Northwoods Insulation
Peak Spray Foam
Polar Insulating
Reichel Insulation,
UZ Insulation Services,

These contractors have obtained the proper credentials under the guidance of Minnesota Energy Resources for our rebate program.

You can select a contractor from this list with confidence knowing that they have passed industry tests and uphold professional business practices.

Failure to use an authorized insulation contractor will result in a rebate denial, without exception.