Minnesota rate book

You can download a copy of the rates, rules, and regulations (tariffs) for Minnesota Energy Resources operations in Minnesota. While the information here is materially the same, the official tariffs that are on file with the governing commission will hold over these documents in the event of a discrepancy.

Section 1 Last Issued
Table of Contents 05/01/24
Section 2 Last Issued
Cities Served 07/01/19
Section 3 Last Issued
Contact List 08/06/19
Section 4 Last Issued
Technical Terms and Abbreviations 07/01/19
Section 5 - Rate Schedule Last Issued
General Service (GS) Firm
(Residential and Classes 1-5: Commercial & Industrial Firm including GS-NNG, GS-NNG Farm Tap, GS-Consolidated)
Interruptible Sales Service
(Classes 1-5: Commercial & Industrial Interruptible Services including Agricultural Grain Dryer, Electric Generation, and Firm/Interruptible Service)
Section 6 Last Issued
Transportation Rate Schedule
(Classes 1-5 Transportation including Commercial & Industrial Firm/Interruptible, Agricultural Grain Dryer and Electric Generation)
Flexible Rate Gas Service Rider 03/01/24
Transportation For Resale Northwest Natural Gas 03/01/24
Direct Connect Transportation Service 11/06/19
Renewable Natural Gas Interconnection Service 05/01/24
Section 7 Last Issued
Purchase Gas Adjustment — Uniform Clause 09/01/21
Conservation Cost Recovery Charge and Adjustment 03/01/24
Current Month PGA Tariff Sheets 06/01/24
Gas Affordability Service Program 03/01/24
Revenue Decoupling Mechanism 06/01/24
Gas Utility Infrastructure Cost Rider 06/01/24
Natural Gas Extension Project Rider 03/01/24
Severe Weather Cost Recovery 02/01/23
Section 8 Last Issued
General Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions 03/12/24
Section 9 Last Issued
Extension Of Natural Gas Service 04/01/24
Section 10 Last Issued
Service Agreements 03/01/24
Section 11 Last Issued
Bill Format 12/01/2022